🎙A mini-course for Business Onwners to go from Podcast Idea to Podcast Planning  & Execution 🎧

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A Podcast is the Missing Piece to Your Content Marketing 

Your own platform to network, create demand for your services, and authentically connect with an audience of prospects, clients, and fans.

This mini-course IS for you if you are:


✔️ready to launch a video, or audio-only, podcast for your business,


✔️ a business owner who already has content marketing that consistently attracts clients and is looking to seamlessly integrate podcasting into your workflow,


✔️ using outbound marketing strategies to get clients and are ready to launch your content marketing with a podcast,


✔️ excited to learn from industry experts how to launch a high-quality podcast that aligns with your existing workflow and generates ROI

This mini-course IS NOT for you if you are:


❌ not planning to launch your podcast anytime soon,


❌ a brand new business owner who doesn't have clients yet,


❌ new to content marketing and haven't started content marketing yet,  


❌ want to start a podcast as a hobby or passion project and NOT to grow a business, 




"Yes, I'm Ready to Launch my Podcast 🙋🏽‍♀️"

Great in this minicourse, you'll discover:

How to get the most out of your podcast

(Production workflow and ROI)

Understanding these two concepts and having a strategy in place to implement them when planning your podcast will put you years ahead of those who haphazardly jump into recording. 


Case studies and examples of how a podcast can help you grow your business

Find out how a podcast can help you grow your business by boosting your authority, growing a dedicated listener base, and spreading your content far and wide for better visibility and more sales


How to seamlessly integrate your podcast production into your existing content marketing 

Learn Pod Sound School's efficient, time-saving techniques for podcast production and avoid common mistakes that can cost you money and time and ultimately and potentially harm the success of your podcast. 

Pod Sound School's Favorite Podcast and Video Podcast Recording Gear

A guide to selecting the right podcast equipment, categorized into four tiers: audio beginner, audio pro, video beginner, and video pro, with options for various combinations to suit your needs and budget, whether you're starting with audio-only or venturing into video podcasting.


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Hey there,


I’m Stephen from the Pod Sound School (AKA Studio Steve).


I’m the creative director and audio and video instructor in our different coaching programs.

My goal is to simplify audio and video production to make it accessible and efficient to everybody without sacrificing quality…

Streamlined, effortless podcast production with an end result that sounds and looks like a production team is behind you is what I’m after. And after much experimentation with our content and working with clients and students, I have achieved just that.

Inside the minicourse, I’ll share with you the gear I recommend for beginners all the way to professionals and for different budgets.

I hope you enjoy the minicourse.

Hey there, 


I’m Veronica (and I don’t have a cool AKA).


I’m the marketing director and instructor inside the Minicourse, our YouTube channel, and coaching programs. 


My job is to help you launch a podcast that will stand the test of time and generate a high ROI from the beginning. In general, success in podcasting and content creation comes from having a systematic workflow and content strategy that allows you to stay consistent and make content that’s hard to ignore. 


In this minicourse, I will unpack for you the importance of having a streamlined workflow, how you can develop your own, and ways to start generating ROI from your podcast so you don’t waste any valuable time. 


Podcasting is my passion, and I believe wholeheartedly in the transformational power of the medium, not only for listeners but also for podcast creators. I have experienced both. 


I’m excited to be your guide as you become a badass podcaster. 

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