The Smart way to Launch Your Podcast

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and avoid wasting time creating a podcast no one will hear.  



and how to apply it to your podcast launch strategy so you can start building your audience even before publishing episodes.



So you can start growing your audience even before launching.


I know!

You've been thinking about starting a podcast for months, maybe years. You've told friends, family, co-workers, your team about this new podcast idea you're working on.


But for some reason, you keep procrastinating it, putting the idea on the back burner. Maybe it's because you don't know where to start, and the whole process seems daunting. Perhaps it's because you don't see how you will get people to listen and appreciate the time and effort you're putting into your podcast. Maybe you have a list of topics and ideas, and you can't seem to settle for one. Perhaps you're not familiar with how to record and edit audio, and the idea of learning these new skills seems unattainable.  Maybe your insecurities are getting the best of you, and you can't get rid of thoughts like " I don't have the personality," " people are not going to like my ideas," " I don't have a good voice," "people don't care about what I have to say," etc.,

I get it. You have an idea, a message, a desire to give back to your community, a longing for connection and creativity. But there's so much you don't know. There's so much to figure out on your own that it's a lot easier to keep pushing the idea off. But it stings a little every time somebody asks you, "have you launched your podcast yet?" 


After this masterclass, you will have:


  •  gained the confidence that you can launch a podcast that people will love;
  • learned a game plan that allows you to grow and nurture your audience even before lanching;
  • acquired the knowledge and tools needed to find your ideal listener and choose a topic your ideal listener will love; and  
  • developed a strategy for your social media to start growing and connecting with your audience. 

This masterclass is for your if ...

  • you've been thinking how cool it would be using your voice to inspire others, create change, and connect with your community.
  • you've been contemplating the idea of starting a podcast but don't know where to find or how to connect with your potential listeners. 
  • you have a list of topics and can't seem to narrow it down to one, or you don't have a topic yet, but are certain that podcasting is for you.
  • you started podcasting without a plan and now can't see results and you're audience isn't growing.
  • You have no idea what goes into podcasting but would love to know so you're prepared to move forward with a plan of action. 
  • You've already been experimenting with podcasting for a while. You know that podcasting is your thing, and you're ready to go all-in learning the required skills to create a professional podcast.  

Hi, I'm Veronica

I’m a creator, writer, and social media marketing and branding strategist, with Instagram being my specialty. My mission is to help you awaken the creative in you and turn your podcast idea into the best possible finished product, while creating a social media presence that matches you and your show. I can't wait to start guiding you through the journey of discovering and unraveling your creativity.

Hi, I'm Studio Steve

I know! It's a silly name. Right?! It was given to me during my recording studio years. I'm obsessed with audio production and, before directing my passion for sound toward podcast production, editing, and coaching, I specialized in teaching people how to use digital audio workstations and ProTools. I'm excited to awaken  the audio nerd in you and watch your podcast come to life.